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School Profile

Villamor Air Base Elementary School is located at Barangay 183 used to be  a Military Reservation Area. It was part of the former Nichols Air Base (now Barangay Villamor) in Pasay City. Barangay Villamor was a former village for enlisted personnel of the Philippine Air Force (PAF)  known as “Airmen’s Barrio”. But with the passage of the Bases Conversion Act during the Ramos administration, some portion of Villamor Air Base were sold and developed into commercial use. The school is situated within a well-developed community and steps away from premier residential and entertainment hub dubbed as Manila’s first integrated tourist destination,  “the New Port City.”


       Villamor Air Base Elementary School has one Principal IV and one Assistant to the principal,132 teaching personnel. Serving in this institution are 4Master Teachers II, 9 Master Teachers I, 23 Teachers III, 26 Teachers II, 73 Teachers I, and 10  pre-school teachers. There are four (4) non-teaching personnel who are  nationally funded and others paid by the local government (LSB).

 Special Features


      With its renowned history, Villamor Air Base Elementary School is   considered as one of the top notch elementary schools in the Division of Pasay City. It is a  benchmark of quality education in the area  and possessing credentials as:

1. One of the biggest school in the city at present in terms of population (considering that the school is isolated from the community)

2. The only elementary school in the city with teacher-winner for Metro bank Search for Outstanding Teachers.

3. The only elementary school in the city with teacher–winner for Metro bank Exemplary Mathematics Teacher Awards.

4. Having  established   E-Learning Program in the division.

5. One of the elementary schools in the city using SMART interactive boards in the delivery of instructions.

6. The home of “National Science Quiz Bee Champion.

7. One of the schools in the city with most complete facilities (including manicured play area, gymnasium, water station facilities, volleyball and badminton court, extensive vegetable and urban  garden).

8. The only public elementary school in the city which is  a national winner of Urban Gardening and national winner for the Most Functional Filipino Bureau.

9. The home of most numbers of Palarong Pambansa winners in the division.

   Physical Facilities

  The learning facilities of the school are adequate. There are 87 instructional classrooms which include 81 academic classrooms, 1 Science Laboratory, 2 Industrial Arts room), 2 Home Economics Practice Houses and one (1) ICT laboratory. For ancillary services, the school has one (1) library, a Guidance Center, nurseries, two (2) property rooms, two (2) canteens, one (1) school clinic, play area, badminton and volleyball court, gymnasium, and 8 teachers’ rooms. A total of 16 comfort rooms serve pupils in all grade levels.
     This school has electricity (grid supply) and water line (local piped water). It has also complete fencing.